Add character, warmth and soul to your home with luxurious textiles

that combine traditional crafts with contemporary design.


Since 2004, we have supplied more than a thousand retailers

and interior designers in Australia with our signature range of home textiles.


Our products have featured in famous homes, historic houses,

luxury lodges, hotels and leading home decoration magazines.





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Tell them who you are ... make a cushion statement

February 17, 2015

Your choice of cushion (or pillow if you’re American) may tell people a little more than you think about who you are. We all make judgments about what people wear – and we do the same walking into their house. What cushions do you choose?
Percale or Sateen?

September 25, 2014

By MIKE HALL: So attuned have we become to this marketing message, that many people actually believe that thread count is a measure of the quality of a fabric, ie low = poor, high = good.
The reality is that thread count is only an indication of quality. Much more important is the way it feels - and especially the way it feels to you.